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Why use a collection agency?

Here are 5 good reasons...

  •  There is a point of diminishing returns for your internal collections.  That is the point where it isn't profitable to keep up your own efforts on delinquent accounts.  The collection agency charges you only for dollars recovered.  Your own costs continue regardless of results.
  • It is more profitable to use your own efforts for accounts 60 to 90 days delinquent, where the chances of recovery are higher.  Older accounts are more difficult to collect and require more effort on your end.  Use an agency for older accounts.
  • Assigning accounts to a collection agency brings debtor action because they know you aren't going to tolerate their delinquency.
  • The collection agency can use more aggressive collection tactics because your firm's image is not involved.  This results in improved collections from seriously delinquent accounts.
  • If you desire, a collection agency can offer systems and procedures suggestions to aid you in problem areas.